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Let your customers live a new delivery Let your customers live a new delivery experience

Pick enhanced the customer experience by sending a smart tracking link that able to capture the location of the end user by using GPS, track the shipmnet and get a live customer support, in addition to live-tracking when the picker is on-way and rating the serivce with delivery proof !

Solutions & Services

Now ! delivery

Within 3 hours, get you shipments delivered to your client for only 34 SAR 

Econnomic Delivery

Cost-effective delivery, within 48 hrs delivery time and for 24 SAR


We ship over Saudi Arabia within 2-4 days for only 29 SAR


in order to operate the full logistics  sycle we offer warehouses to store shipmentes, integrate with your inventory operation system, and ship faster than door-to-door !

Packaging & Fuilfilment

Pick Prepare your  shipments to make it ready for your customer

Cash on Delivery

Pick Provide Cash on delivery, the most popular payment methodology in Saudi Arabia. with a fast settelment and automated process

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